Creating new Warehouse issue with check box

Here i m create a new warehouse but having some issue regarding the check box
Is Group check box is disable why this happen ,if anyone known this please let me know

If you want to make a group warehouse, you have to save (create) it as non-group. after save, you can click on the button “Non-Group to Group” above and the “is group” checkbox will be set automaticly.

whyever, the warehouse.js wil make the checkboy automatlicy read only…

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I have customize the warehouse doctype in that i want to add 3 filed

  1. Is Temporary type checkbox
  2. Is Start Date
  3. End Date

here i want to add a temporary warehouse and its date whenver the date expirese selected warehouse automatically hide from there like this i want to do…so how to do this??please help me to do this…


therefore you need a self hosted system, a own app and a self written function that remove these warehouses for you and which you can add to the scheduler with…

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where i want to write script for this?

this doesnt matter, you can write it in any .py file you want. and then you can add this function to the scheduler within the file of your app

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ok thanks for help

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