Creating one Sales Invoice from multiple Delivery Notes

we are evaluating ERPNext as a replacement for our ancient ERP-System “CAO-Faktura” and as far es i can tell it looks realy great, but there is one problem for which i havn`t found a proper way to deal with:

We have some customers to which we deliver goods to multiple times a month. For each delivery a Delivery-Note is being created.

So we may have about 30 Delivery-Notes with about 100 items which are to be billed each month.

We have to bill them on one (or sometimes multiple) Sales-Invoice(s).

By now i have found two details which could help our users through the process:

1.) While creating a Sales-Invoice one could use the “from Delivery-Note” function to add the items from a Delivery-Note to the Sales invoice. In the “Get From Delivery Note”-popup Only Delivery-Notes which contain unbilled items are displayed. That is quite great so far. But: Why am i able to add the same Delivery-Note in the Sales-Invoice multiple times? I think this is a kind of consufsing an that it will lead to problems due to Items beeing billed mutiple times on the same Invoice.

2.) One could use the “Delivered items to be billed”-report to get an overview of the Delivery-Notes and Items. With this help the process discribed in 1.) could be controlled better.

I thought the process of creating one Sales-Invoice from multiple Delivery-Notes is quite common, so my question is:

Is there an easy way for doing this while making sure that EVERY Delivery-Note ist billed ONCE?

Thanks in advnace, Dave.


Welcome to forum.

Thanks for indicating. Request you to create Github Issue for it.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will create another Github Issue for this feature as well. It will allow other community members to contribute this feature.

Thanks for you kind and quick response.

I created an issue:


and another issue, which is more a feature-request:


Since this are my first issues in the erpnext project, i am quite curious on the responses they might get. Meanwhile i am going to learn the basics of Frappe. :smile:

BTW: As a new user, i wasn`t able to add the links to the issue in this post.

I can replicate that (using v6.17) … One DN can be added multiple times in the same Sales Invoice using ‘From Delivery Note’ button. User then can submit the invoice which consists ‘multiple same DNs’.

It should has validation to prevent this. It may lead to ‘over-billing’