Creating Supplier Check and Customer Check

I am new at ERPNext;
how can i create a customer check or supplier check in ERPNext?

please advice me;
Best Regards

Hi @shirin, Welcome to ERPNext!

What type of check are you referring to? Would you like to add a new checkbox in any of the DocTypes you mentioned or a check to show if its a Customer or a Supplier in some other DocType?

suppose one of my customer send me a check , then i want to record this check in system, where can i record it?

i suppose check = payment via cheque , if yes then that can be entered in Payment Entry for both Supplier and Customer.

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please note that , we want to record a check that will be paid one month later,
in this case we want to see the effect of this check in General Ledger before any payment made;

how to handle this scenario?