Creating two companies

Can we create two companies in ERPnext. and how we can create a user in the company base. Eg. User ‘A’ can have only access for Company ‘A’ and user ‘B’ can have only access Company ‘B’ data. And User ‘C’ can have access to both company.

And How about role control in company based. please help me.

Please refer following documents,

Manage Multi-Company

Manage Roles

Manage User Permissions

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@saurabh6790 thanks for the feedback,

Nice to share some reference, I feel some doable or not response is required here, before going through long documentation am I right?

@nmami It is very doable. I have an instance running with 6 sister companies within the same tenant and users are assigned permissions at company, department, role or even doctype level. Granted, this means you have to understand permissions more to be able to implement effectively but once you get a hang of it, you’ll find it very interesting to implement.