Creating users with employee role who can have access for CRM from manager account


We created multiple sites via bench manager. We will be the Superuser or ADMINISTRATOR of all the sites so we can monitor operations of the other sites.

We logged in as Administrator, created a role profile and role and assigned to a specific user(admin/manager of the company) without system manager role which have access to CRM module.

We want these custom role profile user(admin/manager of the company)to create as many as users and assign roles so as to access CRM module or spefic doctypes in CRM module. These users of the specific company have access to few doctypes in CRM.

We don’t want to give system manager role to admin/manager of the company as he can access other modules or doctypes which aren’t part of our requirement.

As admin/manager creates a user, the role which we try to assign to this user throws a prompt message as he must have a system manager role.

We don’t want any of the users/manager/employee to give system manager role except us the ADMINISTRATOR (superuser).

Roles like Sales User, Sales Manager already has access to Lead and other CRM features. Using Role Permission Manager and User Permission Manager, you can define which User can access which Company’s leads.