Creating Work Order depend on manufacturing item

Hi ERPNext Community
I work in a company that manufactures electrical cables and wires
I worked on ERPNext, and when analyzing and implementing the Software, I encountered a problem in manufacturing and using raw materials, which are as follows:
When working on manufacturing a specific product and linking it to a bill of material (BOM) (the materials contain materials that are ready for use in manufacturing) and this product that I want to manufacture contains materials I want to manufacture first and then use the manufacturer from them to produce the product. What to do in this case when creating a work order
Thank you to everyone for your help, especially since I have benefited a lot from yours

Okay… I think I understand what you are doing but maybe the translation lost some of the finer details. If I am reading this correctly, you want to do the following:

  • Manufacture a product that includes raw materials from other sources as well as other sub-products that you must manufacture first in order to include them in the building of the final product.

If this is what you are doing, then it requires a sort of nested BOM’s approach.

  • First create a BOM for the sub assembly that you need to make so that it is built first. You need this before you can make the next product. This sub-assembly product will need it’s own Item code, even if it is only ever made in support of the final product.

  • Then create a BOM for the final product and in the required materials list, include the Items codes of any sub-assembly products that you had to build first as well as any other raw materials.

When it comes time to make the final product, you generate your Production Order from the BOM of the final product. If you have the “Use Multi-Level BOM” box checked, the production order will list the raw materials for any sub-assemblies as well as the final product. (See pic below)

Doing it this way allows you to build everything at the same time. If you build the sub-assemblies separately on other Production Orders, then they would already show up in inventory and you would not need to check the Muilti-Level BOM box since the previously made items will be available for the build of the final product.

Typing it out like this seems to look more complicated than it actually is in practice.

Hope this helps.

BKM :sunglasses:


Hi @bkm Thank you for responding
First, let’s set codes for the items:
A- Raw materials that do not need to be manufactured (BOM-103)
Containing :
B- Raw materials that need to be manufactured (BOM-201)
Containing :
C- I want to manufacture product No. 40254BS2.5SRR
Contains Raw materials:
I had done these steps previously, and they were not suitable for my work, especially when Disabled (use Multi-level BOM) Why? Because when he withdraws the raw materials to be used to manufacture the final product, he collects the raw materials and puts them as one product
It is not withdrawn from the quantities contained within the (BOM-103) for example.

I did the following and it worked:
Created BOM:
1- for Raw materials (that do not need to be manufactured) code 103
2- for Raw materials (that need to be manufactured) code 201
3- collect materials according to the second point and put it(03201)
4- for the final product, the code 40254BS2.5SRR contains item 103 and 03201

Create Work Order
1- For item 03201 to make a final product of item 201 and use it as raw material for item 40254BS2.5SRR
2- item 40254BS2.5SRR contain (103,03201)
Reduce items quantities
The quantity has been Reduce from the items for the raw materials contained in item 103 separately
And the quantity of item 03201 as a whole was Reduce because it was dealt with in the work order and its production as a single quantity
I apologize that the translation has lost some details, and I am Happy to communicate with you.
Thank you so much @bkm