Creating Work Order for the sub assemblies


I am trying out Erpnext also it is my first ERP experience. Keeping the text short I will directly jump into my situation and problem.


I am creating a Sales Order selling furniture item “ArmL-Eind-Gere-ANTR”, this is a finished furniture.

After creating the Sales Order, I want to manufacture item “ArmL-Eind-Gere-ANTR”. I create an Work Order from the Sales Order page. I get an Work Order and Job Card with the operation upholstering for item “ArmL-Eind-Gere-ANTR”.

Creating Sales Order:

Creating Work Order from the Sales Order:


The problem is before this item can be upholstered. I need the wood part and the foam part. As you can see in the BOM of “ArmL-Eind-Gere-ANTR” it has two other materials (BOMs) which are sub-assemblies.

What I Need:

Seperate Work Order for the sub assemblies, because they need to be manufactured first, before the upholstry can be done.

Result of the Work Order I created:

Picture of BOM for the sub assembly item “ArmR-Eind-Half”:

Picture of BOM for the sub assembly item “ArmH-Eind-Half”:

Picture of BOM Explorer for list view:

Hi @bithons
You can use the Production Planning Tool. Create Production Plan based on Sales Order, apply filter for Item if you want.
Then in the Item table select the flag “Make Work Order for Sub Assembly Items”, this will create Work Orders for Sub Assemblies.
You can follow this documentation Production Plan

and this Video series for step-by-step Production process ERPNext Manufacturing Production Plan - YouTube

Hope this helps. Feel

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