Creation of a new BOM - Error: Mandatory fields required in BOM

Hello everyone,

I use ERP Next in my company and I can’t do create a new BOM. We use the version as attached in the following screenshot :
ERPNext : v12.1.6(version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.16 (version-12)

In order to create a BOM, the first step consists in creating the items composing it. For each item I fill in the following fields with the corresponding information:

  • Item Name
  • Item Group
  • Default Units
  • Supplier Details and Supplier Part Number

And I also complete the Default Supplier that we find here :
Sales, Purchase, Accounting Default/Item Default/Default Supplier

Once, ours items created, I begining creation of my BOM. I add to my BOM the components linked to it in order to be able to generate it. Then during validation, I see this error message:


I don’t understand why, because I have completed the information for my suppliers in two places.

Thanks for your help.

CUDA Maxence