Creation of BOM for Water Production

I am have an issue when it comes to water in my production. I am producing Yoghurt which requires a lot of water. I do not buy my water from government but have my own borehole which gives me a supply of water, which I then filter using reverse osmosis.This osmosis process consumes water filters on a regular basis - for examples sake let me say 1 filter produces 1000L.

My question is, is it possible to create for instance a BOM for 1000L water in which one filter is consumed. So that when I call water in my BOM’s for my yoghurt product, the sub-assembly of water is called, and so I will not have to update my stock of water in the ERPNext and my stock of filters will reduce? Does this work from an accounting and ERPnext perspective?

Or is this not a correct use of the BOM, since filters are not directly in the end product.

Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated.

This is an acceptable use of the BOM doc. You probably need to have an input water and an output water defined (as separate items), then the BOM for your 1000L output water is 1000L of input water and one filter.