Creation of Custom Application with link in sidebar (version-13)

Hello everyone,
I am attempting to create a custom application with a custom module that contains a page capable of getting values from the ERPNext database on our server and displaying some of the values on this page. Essentially it is a custom dashboard that can display database values in a good looking format.

I have been able to create a custom application by following along with some tutorials, but actually adding that custom application module to the sidebar has been troublesome. Looking through the forums and tutorials makes it sound like it should be a relatively easy task. So far, I have not had much luck.

At the moment, I just want to create a link in the sidebar that will take me to the page I have created within the custom application.

Let me know if I should clarify, hopefully that made sense. I may be going about this wrong.

try to create work space, add link to your custom page in the work space.

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Ok, am following you so far, I have created a new workspace from the workspace list.

I have linked it to a custom page that I have created in my custom app folder. It seems to recognize that there is a page to link to.

I have saved this workspace and can see it in the workspace list. Is there another step to make it show up or does this workspace need to have actual doctypes in it or something to not show up as empty?

seems like you got to have at least one doctype with permission included.

Thank you! I didn’t realize that I needed at the very least some sort of doctype for it to show up. Much obliged. I got it actually displaying now.