Creation of SERVICE ITEM

Dear ERPNext Team.
We have a very specialised software which training centers which tracks enrollments, fees installments, trainers, commision, scheduling , evaluations etc.
Our objective is to integrate ERPNext with our Training Institutes software where we replicate the courses, students, invoices, receipts. Its like
– when the delegate is enrolled for the course we create a customer in ERPnext,
– when a course is created in Training Institutes software then a service item is created in ERPNext ,
– when invoice is generated consisting different courses then the same is made in ERPNext as an invoice with different courses and the receipts and receivables.
I tried creating a pure service item ( Course) with no stock level or costing methods. But then the item master setup still asks for costing method ,and other informations which are not relevant for a Training Course Service Item.
Would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts on the above.
Burhan Fakhri

You can just use the defaults, if its a non-stock item, it does not matter

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