Creation of the France Chapter

Dear community members and especially users of ERPNext in France,

The ERPNext Foundation is giving us the opportunity to create a “France Chapter” in order to bring together all users of ERPNext in France.
A special thank you to @rmehta, @JayRam, @umair and @prakash_hodage !

For people interested, please join the chapter page ( and also the Meetup page (

@Yakulu, @hiousi, @Roger, @britlog, @nicojack, @qrevel for example ?

I propose to have a first online meeting next Monday (30/10/2017) at 7pm to learn to know each other and discuss the goals of this Chapter and its organization. I will update this thread with the connection details.

The idea would be to organize a “real” meetup as soon as possible in/around Paris or any other city where people are interested.

Here is a first proposal of things we could organize with the chapter:


Propose a roadmap and gather together the other french members to deliver a solution to guarantee regulatory compliance for the following modules:

  • Accounting
    Impossibility to delete data from the system
    Tracking of all printing actions

  • POS
    Guarantee the four conditions of the finance law applicable in 2018: inalterability, security, data retention, archival

  • Any other specific compliance issue not listed here

Organize one event in Paris or another city before the end of 2017 for chapter members and external users interested in discovering ERPNext.
Organize additional events in 2018.
Organize one code sprint beginning of 2018.

Evangelize ERPNext
Meet with the local Chambers of Commerce to present ERPNext.
Present the solution to the BPI (Public Investment Bank) or any other public institution that may be interested.
Evangelize ERPNext at the Open Source Summit in December.

Develop the ERPNext Community
Create a social media presence for the France ERPNext community to communicate better regarding the usage of ERPNext in France.

Everyone one is welcome to participate, so don’t hesitate !


Hi @chdecultot,

Your idea sounds very interesting.
Unfortunately, I’m not in France but I will follow this tread.

Hi @chdecultot,

I’ll be glad to be a member of this chapter, I was thinking of creating it but missed time :blush:

My idea is to create an app for french localization, we can put all that doesn’t fit into the core project.
That way, no need to install several apps, only one app is necessary for being compliant.
I began this custom app called “ERPNext France” with accounting module, to set the journal code/label and export the FEC (Fichier des Ecritures Comptables).

Here you can find the functional guide : Journaux comptables
And here the GitHub repository : GitHub - britlog/erpnext_france: ERPNext Localization App

If you like the idea, we can work all together in this app, the next step being the 2018 government rules implementation (article 88 de la loi de finances n° 2015-1785). There is some interesting informations like the LNE certification reference (NF525 is not free) and the last FAQ from Bercy on the ACEDISE website :

I have also created some months ago a discuss forum for french community, I think it is good for ERPNext adoption to have a place to talk in native language :

Voilà, your comments are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi @britlog,

Nice work for the FEC :slight_smile:

I will be glad to join your effort of course and to work to merge all these localization features into the core of ERPNext.

Let’s discuss it on Monday evening if you are available!

Have a nice day!


For everyone interested in joining tomorrow’s first call, here is the link:

It will start at 7pm (Paris- GMT+1).

Don’t be shy! :smiley:

Good luck with your new French chapter. I think you are a long way ahead of a British chapter or interest sadly …

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Hello @chdecultot
I don’t known if its the right place to ask…
I would like to use France Chart of accounts. Different places give different versions, which one do you recommend?

thank you

Hi @hiousi,

The chart submitted at is a full CoA but necessitates a few corrections.

I personally use the one at this address (simplified CoA) : GitHub - dokos-io/french_chart_of_account: Template of French Chart of Account for ERPNext and adapt it for each new installation.

If you have some time, don’t hesitate to enhance it!

Have a nice evening!


Hello @chdecultot,

How are you installing a custom chart of accounts in a new installation ?


Hi @jodeq,

You can replace the existing CoA for France in the following folder of ERPNext to be able to select it during the installation:

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