Credit card payment entry problem


I am currently facing an issue to payment entries in the system.
It is an entry that we received from a Credit Card payment made by our customer.
Usually, for credit card, we are receiving more than the invoiced amount to customer, that will make as a part of our Gains/Loss.
Few months back, when I enter the credit card payment in “Payment Entry” in the system, there is excess amount we receive. To keep the difference “0.00” I make a separate entry. Please check photo below:

Now today, we receive same credit card payment with an excess amount, but when I do the same entry, the difference will not show “0.00” please check photo below:

please find attached documents

Hi. This is a known issue (Payment entry showing wrong difference amount for party type supplier and payment type Pay · Issue #11110 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub). I fix has been created and would soon be released

Thank you Sir,
when will we get new update Sir