Credit Memo without Sales Invoice

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We would like to raise a discussion about how others are treating in ERPNext scenarios like issuing refunds to customer without linking “Credit Memo” to a Sales Invoice? In the current design, this can only be done by selecting a Sales Invoice and creating “Credit Memo” from it for a sort of reversal.

Should we create a “Type” in the Sales Invoice where we can select “Invoice” and “Credit Memo”? Then if “Credit Memo” is selected then a negative transaction will be posted in the accounting entries. This should also goes in the Purchase Invoice were we should create a “Type” select field with options “Invoice” and “Debit Memo”.

If this makes sense then we can send a PR to the core.




We have had this conversation in the past

and I think the team is working on it

But if you are done you could make a pull request as it is giving some users a serious headache


This is really helpful @olamide_shodunke ! Thanks a lot for the links!

You can use Journal entry with entry type of “Credit Note” as a work around. This does not make it mandatory to have Sales Invoice.

Thanks @Pawan! This is one of the workaround that we are looking also. But if the feature inside Sales Invoice/Purchase Invoice will push through then this will be really good for us! Really appreciate your help!

Not sure why would you want it from Sales or Purchase Invoice, if you do not want to link the transaction to Sales or Purchase Invoice.

We want the same information from the Sales Invoice that is why we want to create it there. :smiley: Anyway, Let’s wait for the GitHub issue above. Seems that this will be put to PR by the end of the month. Thanks!

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With Journal entry, we cannot have impact on Stock. either it’s return from customer or Return to Supplier.

we need two entries through this workaround.


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Oh… that’s easy. We only give our sales reps limited module permissions to keep them focused on their strong points (selling and making us $$). However, they MUST handle their customers return issues with the absolute least amount of friction. Since they all know how to use the sales invoice quickly an efficiently, then it makes great sense to have that available to them in the same module. Forcing them to stumble through a different method as a work around has proven to be a sore point with them. They are NOT supposed to look incompetent in front of their customers. Our job is to make their jobs look and move smoothly and quickly.

Agreed !!! It make the most sense to the people that have to use it the most for it to be there.

Correct !!! By having this in the Sales Invoice area, it should be much easier to tap into the existing functions that manage stock and accounting (ie: update stock check box). Trying to use the work around journal entries is beyond the knowledge of the sales rep and we don’t want them doing that kind of stuff anyway.

We use POS profiles with our sales users to keep them focused on sales from only certain warehouses and only certain discount structures. Adding a check box to the POS profile to allow negative sales invoices would be a way to control the feature.


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Good Day

Hope the credit note will be implemented as we struggle to get good looking credit notes with JV Credit note and printing not professional to customers. I would like to make a goods looking credit note with product details showing on credit note. If possible, as beggers cant be choosers to still check that more credit cannot be given per customer per product that was invoiced.

My issue goes like this: i sell products on pallets and customers will then return it as times goes on. i will make all pallet credit at end of month not to increase paper. I would like to make credit per customer for pallets and system to see if we invoiced not less than credit value.

Make credit notes easier, but still with some sort of control.

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Albertus Geyser

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PR is existing for this issue. Hoping that the frappe team will be able to merged it soon. Can you leave a comment here [Enhance] Standalone debit/credit note by rohitwaghchaure · Pull Request #14269 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub . Thanks!

Closing this Topic as the PR is already merged. :smiley: