Hello all,

I can’t seem to find an option to control role permission for credit note or sales return. This can only be created from sales invoice itself which can be misused by some employees. Credit note should only be generated by a specific person in the company, not everyone with access to invoice.

Is there any fix for this sensitive issue?

Work around :

Step 1: Customize form > Sales Invoice > is_return (field) > set higher permission level > 0

Step 2: Set Role Permission with same permission level ( e.g. 1 ) to to the role to which u would like to give access to


This was very helpful, thanks a lot.

Thanks its good but can please suggest Sales return be separate Doc type with different series and compulsory is return yes we do not want to have mixed up with normal sales to identify.

Then there are several such documents to be managed. E.g.
Sales returns
Purchase returns
Pay to entity (E.g. supplier, customer, employee, stake holder.)
Received from entity

There needs to be a better way to manage it for sure.