Credit note Problem

We replaced an item to our customer by making new delivery note and new sales invoice from the old sales order.
Now the old delivery note is still showing “To Bill”, how do we fix it?
Also, the new sales invoice (with replaced item) is showing “Overdue”. How do we link that to the payment? So we can close the invoice.

Would you mind sharing the steps taken to do these entries. This well help us to support you better.


  1. Our customer returned the damaged item, so we made “Delivery Note Return”.
  2. When our supplier agreed to give us credit note for the returned item, we made “Purchase Receipt Return” and issued “Debit Note” to our supplier.
  3. After that, we issued “Credit Note” to our customer from the old sales invoice issued for this item.
  4. For the replacement of the returned item, we issued new “Delivery Note” and new “Sales Invoice” to our customer from the same “Sales Order”. (meaning we did not issue new sales order for replacement we issue it from the old sales order )

Our main concern is:

  1. The old “Delivery Note” status is still “To Bill”
  2. The new “Sales Invoice” status is “Overdue”
  3. In Customer Accounts Outstanding Balance Shown Correctly.
  4. How do we make the status of the documents as “complete”

You can try to use payment entry to adjust the amounts, if not possible you can maybe create a GitHub issue for the same. One similar issue with statuses exists on GitHub. Here is the link


Assuming Customer not yet paid any amount .

Followed general steps:

1. Made Return / Credit Note of Sales Invoice:

2. Closed Delivery Note:

3. Delivery Note Status After Close:

4. Account Ledger Reversal Impacts:

Sales Invoice showing Paid / Return Status.
Delivery Note showing Closed / Return Status.

Now Make New Delivery Note for the same Sales Order with different Item.

Hi, Thanks for your help.
We tried your steps, but still the Invoice is showing “Overdue” (please check picture)
But for the delivery note, the status is already “Closed”
Can you advise us how?

Was there any Invoice for previous Delivery? If yes, what’s the Status? And will there be no Payment against this Invoice?

  1. “Was there any Invoice for previous Delivery?”
  • Yes, the status is “Overdue”. It’s that image I attached in my previous post.
  1. “And will there be no Payment against this Invoice?”
  • No, there is no need to make another payment. His account is cleared with us. just we want to close this transactions.

In that case there was no need to make a new invoice. Have a look at Account Ledger if there is any missing transaction or reversal. If there are 2 debits for customer just cancel this newly created invoice. Otherwise share GL impacts.

Ledger Transaction clear but one invoice shown status “Overdue” . but we have to give replace to customer by the time. we are make new sales invoice from the same sales order. General Ledger shown correct balance but invoice shown overdue still, how close that invoice.
what IS GL Impact ?

But why made new sales invoice? It should have closed at delivery if there is nothing to receive from customer I guess.
GL Entries for Debtors / Accounts Receivable Account; check if everything if fine as a whole or not.

Dear sir,
we have to give to replacement item to customer right, So that we create sales invoice from the same sales order

OK I got that; now just one thing kindly verify if all General Ledger Entries (Debits / Credits) for those transactions are ok or not. I have a feel that there is a duplication of Invoice in this case. Or very much possible that I already lost the track since beginning. :slight_smile:

The General Ledger Balance tallied. there is no duplication. we want to change status of the invoice as paid, not overdue

Sorry I am not getting it I guess.