Crediting Customer for Item Not On Reference Invoice

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I work with a beer distributor, and we deliver many kegs to our customers. Every time we invoice and deliver a keg, a $30 deposit is added to the invoice. When our driver picks up empty kegs (there can be more than one picked up at a time), we refund the $30 as a credit to the customer. How would ERPNext handle this? I would use a sales return, but it only allows me to return as many kegs as were on the latest invoice. We often have dozens of invoices a month with a single customer, so creating a return on each one when they return an empty keg is not efficient.

Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks!

Hi @cattmy !

Why not create a direct JE for this as I can see you want to have it on sum rather than in individual invoices.


How would we reference a JE to a specific customer?

Hi @cattmy! You can use the “Party” Field in the Journal Entry Row. Once you have selected an AR or AP account, it will let you select which customer/supplier to tag in. Hope this helps!

Hi @creamdory

Is there a way to create a Credit Note independently using the Sales Invoice feature, meaning without a reference to a Sales Invoice, where I can specify multiple items with -ve quantities which would result in a -ve Grand Total? Currently it is not allowing a -ve Grand Total value to be saved. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.


We are also in the distribution business and have to process partial returns for which we are not always able to reference an existing Sales Invoice… We would need to be able to make negative Sales Invoice…

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@creamdory can you explain how this works? Let’s say we need to issue a $10.00 credit to a customer. We could do AR account credit $10.00 and put the party in. Then we need to debit another account? Then it ends up being a $0 journal entry, which is fine.

But, when the customer takes this credit in the future, we bring that in to payment entry but it keeps showing $20? I can’t figure out why is it doubling the amount?


Hi @keshav @charlie-cook actually the standalone Credit and Debit Note is already implemented in ERPNext. This is independent of any invoices and it is in the Sales and Purchase Invoices! You just have to check this checkbox here. Should have been included in the latest V11 update.

Yes but I’m on ERPNext Cloud and not version 11. I do have a test instance on v11 but it broke many of my custom scripts.


Hey @charlie-cook, if that is the case, then I think the accounts are:

Credit Party Account
Debit Sales

This will be zero but will create a negative balance for the Party Account.

After that, in the payment it will automatically pull the balance of the party account.