Creditors allocations


Can someone please direct me on how to complete this scenario:

  1. Supplier auto charges my bank account for services invoiced in the month
  2. October invoice was R500, but supplier credits bank account with R600
    3)I generate payment against invoice in erpnext and on amount paid = R600. Invoice allocation is R500, unallocated is R100
  3. November invoice is R500, but supplier credit bank account with R400. I raised the payment as paid=R400, but how do I allocate the additional R100 sitting in credit on supplier account to November invoice? cause its showing unpaid now?

When I try to raise a new payment entry I cannot see an option that shows I have a balance to allocate.

Please assist.

Thanking you in advance.

kind regards

Use the payment reconciliation tool

Clicking on the link would open the tool and from there it should be a cake walk.

Wow, all i had to do is open my eyes… thanks Aditya…worked out perfectly

tis why i love ERPNext :wink:

kind regards