"Credits based on fixed days" For Customer form are missing in version 10.x - Please clear the selected Payment Terms Template BUG

Hi there i was using the “auto due date” suggested by @Pawan found in the following link :

But after the update to web v10.0.14 and the introduction of “payment term templates” every time that im making a new sales invoice the due date auto completes based on my previous solution and im getting the error message “Please clear the selected Payment Terms Template”.

I went to change the Credits based on fixed days for the customer but this part is missing in version 10 or it must be hidden and cant be edited or mass edited.

Please help

Thanks in advance.

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I’m having the exact same issue!

“Perfect” now lets hope someone from the development team find us a solution.

Based on other comments, I updated to the latest version and the issue is solved!

To bad i don’t have this option as im using the web version. So i cant update nothing.

EDIT : The problem has been fixed at ERPNext: v10.0.17 (master) and the web version is updated as well.