Critical Bug for POS V9

I was stumble upon critical bug in POS Version 9. Details steps as below:

  1. Add item to cart.
  2. In Qty instead of 1, make it -1 (Item is removed from cart but to my surprise Amount is negative. When we open form view item is still in sales invoice with negative qty!!!)
  3. Again add same product to cart which will make Qty 1 and Amount (0)!!!
  4. Open Form view to check Sales Invoice where you can see both positive and negative lines of item.

Find below gif for more visual effect:

Hi @jparikh

We have fixed this issue, kindly pull latest update and check

@rohit_w Issue still persist. It seems, it’s not been fixed yet after getting latest update and review.
Here is my version details:

Hi @jparikh

Sorry for that
We have identified and fixed the issue , soon we’ll release it

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@rohit_w Found another bug in POS Incorrect Total Amount when we add or remove product from cart. Payment mode pop-up in pos shows wrong Total Amount.

Steps as below:

  1. Add an item-1 in cart having 2 qty.
  2. Add another item-2, item-3 in cart having 1 qty.
  3. Click Pay to get payment mode pop-up check Total Amount value which will be correct.
  4. Don’t submit but close pop-up.
  5. Remove item-2 or item-3 from cart. Which will change Total Amount but correct Total Amount is not getting updated on pop-up.

In addition to Total Amount field, corresponding fields Paid Amount and Outstanding Amount are also not getting updated.

For Paid Amount and Outstanding Amount

Here is the github issue created for the same:

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Thanks for reporting an issue
We have identified and fixed the issue and soon we’ll release it

One more bug while adding items to cart. (Online mode)

Steps as below:

  1. Add items to cart by clicking quickly and multiple time which causes Qty field not getting updated correctly.
  2. Grand Total showing incorrect value.
  3. Remove all items from cart one by one clicking (-) minus sign in Qty field.
  4. Check Grand Total. Which should be non zero but showing some value.
  5. Goto Menu and open form view, which is showing items which have been removed from Cart.