CRM Communication: From must be unique

Hi guys,
I am trying to reply to a Communication through ERPNext and I am receiving this error: From must be unique

I have checked inside the Communication doctype and the From field is already set as Unique.

What is the cause of the issue ?

Note, this is a fresh ERPNext install:

ERPNext: v13.39.0 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.41.1 (version-13)

Hey guys,
Any idea why this is happening ?

I have also made a bench update hoping this will fix the problem but it didn’t…

Thank you advance.

If you do not want this then you can resolve this through MariaDB SQL and set it to non-unique.

Thank you.

But as a fresh installation of erpnext and up to date on version 13, isn’t this supposed to work out of the box ?

I mean, what’s the problem actually ?