CRM: Communication retrieve name field from e-mail client

For the Communication feature inside the CRM module, we are receiving the e-mails but the name field is a random string created by ERPNext.

Is there a way to have ERPNext to retrieve the name of the email address, whatever is set by the e-mail client of the sender?

See the screenshot.

Thank you in advance.


Do you mean sender address?

Configure your listview (use the 3 dots button at the right-top and select List Settings). Add sender address or sender name.

Hope this helps.

Basically it’s related to the Naming of the Communication.

ERPNext is not taking the name of the e-mail address, whatever it is.

I have Customised the Doctype and added field:sender as Naming but it doesn’t work because it’s giving an error when replying to Communications.

Ok, sorry, I missunderstood your question.

Anyway, first impression, using sender email to name communication could generate duplicated names …

Yes, perhaps that’s why I am receiving that error.

But it would be nice for ERPNext to retrieve the name of the sender.

I found it!

ERPNext is taking the full name with the field: sender_full_name

So you just need to set the Naming field and it’s working.

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