CRM feature request


I am an entrepreneur from the United States, currently using ACT for CRM and QuickBooks for Accounting. We manufacture a line of Building Products, which we sell to various customers; at the same time we do perform installation of our product in a certain market, therefore acting as a building contractor.

I would like to migrate my business to the ERPnext platform, provided that I can accomplish my most critical tasks. My main motivation is the ability to integrate the CRM and accounting databases.

In reviewing the CRM functionality, I am finding that I would like the following features:

  1. For Leads and Customers I would like to be able to enter the Given Name, Middle Name, and Family Name in different fields. (We have international customers and the structure of names is very different from one area to the next.)
  2. We would like to be able to add multiple addresses for a customer (billing address, delivery address, branch A, B, and C address, etc.)
  3. We would like to have an option for multiple phone numbers, as well as multiple email addresses.

For Opportunities, we would like the following features:

  1. Ability to connect multiple customers to an oppo
    rtunity. (In the construction business we have opportunities that we follow for up to 2 years, before a sale can occur. During this time we have to have the ability to connect various entities to the opportunity: Owner, Bank, Architect, Multiple Engineers and Consultants, during the design phase. During the bidding phase we need to be able to add multiple bidding General Contractors and Installers of our products.
  2. We would like to be able to add a few custom fields to the Opportunity form, mostly to deal with the specifics of the project (i.e. Type of project, bidding date info, etc.)

I would greatly appreciate it if you could inform me whether or not these features would be available.

Thank you,


You can do this already, just click menu > customize and add the fields you need. should get you started on the right foot

Thank you.