CRM - Link Single Opportunity to Multiple Customer (1)


Can somebody be able to help me to add multiple customer to single opportunity.

We are a product supplier (Central Air Conditioning Products) to Project Industry. We have multiple agency attached to one Project (Opportunity) i.e Architect, Civil Construction Company, Client Etc.

Also during Tendering stage we have to quote one opportunity to many civil construction company (customer) and in later stages the tender get awarded to one civil construction company (Customer).

Currently we are duplicating single opportunity for different customer quoting same project.

we want work out on solution that we can link multiple customer to one opportunity to avoid many duplications.

kindly help.


Paryushan Jain

@paryushan I guess you need to have a child table of Customers linked to One Opportunity, but then the sales orders would have to be different?

ERPNext is not configured out of the box for this workflow. You will have to propose a full workflow and then get it built.

We have again started using ERPNEXT after 3 years & we still have this query. This feature (in CRM>Opportunity) can be a deal breaker for companies especially in Project (Civil, Infrastructure & Building) Industry to shift to erpnext.

Our requirement is to Assign One Opportunity (Sales Enquiry) to multiple customer. It can done the same way we assign the opportunity to our team members. (Photo enclosed for your reference).

I request you to kindly look into add this feature.38%20PM

Thank You

To group the opportunity, you may use Campaign, to coordinate the company’s activity for this duplicated opportunity. 1. Have a campaign 2. Have an Opportunity. 3. place opportunity in this Campaign. 4. Duplicate Opportunity. (So you have 1 Campaign for this opportunity)

Sorry - I missed the part you were duplicating…
Is it okay if you Duplicate the first opportunity, so you may send it to Multiple Customers?

Also, you may use Data Import, so you can have an Excel File, Copy paste the Opportunity rows, and place the Customer or party name to the correct row.

You can upload this Excel file and see your Opportunity entries magically appear on your Opportunity table. So, each Customer is individually monitored, but you have uploaded the same opportunity info quickly using one excel file import.

Now we are creating a new opportunity for the same sales enquiry (Project / Tender enquiry) received from different customers.

But there are many customer/ contact like Architect, Project Management Consultant etc. which will be common for all the opportunities created for the same sales enquiry. So kindly suggest how we can link customer/contact like Architect, Project Management Consultant etc. to the opportunity.

I would again repeat that if Team ERPNEXT can take care of this requirement. it can be a game-changer for Companies, especially working in Project (Civil, Infrastructure & Building) Industry to shift to ERPNEXT>CRM as most of the CRM / ERP providers are lacking this feature.

Is it possible to have Opportunity Template, from where you can generate Opportunity entries (Like Journal Entry Templates)?

You may have a list/report filter by Opportunity Template, so that you can see all the Opportunity entries generated from this Template.

Opportunity Template Doctype is not yet present in ERPNext, but it is not that hard to do. If this is what is required by your workflow:

  1. Develop Opportunity Template
    1a. Create a Campaign around Opportunity Template where you send out the info on this Opportunity TEmplate to your target leads.
  2. Create Opportunity entries per customer (If you did campaign, this can be from leads who responded.)

If you want to monitor the status of the Opportunity (s) based on this template, you can filter the Opportunity list according to this Opportunity Template