CRM - Link Single Opportunity to Multiple Customer


Can somebody be able to help me to add multiple customer to single opportunity.

We are a product supplier (Central Air Conditioning Products) to Project Industry. We have multiple agency attached to one Project (Opportunity) i.e Architect, Civil Construction Company, Client Etc.

Also during Tendering stage we have to quote one opportunity to many civil construction company (customer) and in later stages the tender get awarded to one civil construction company (Customer).

Currently we are duplicating single opportunity for different customer quoting same project.

we want work out on solution that we can link multiple customer to one opportunity to avoid many duplications.

kindly help.


Paryushan Jain

please open a new issue of github with a detailed description of the feature and use case.

A simple solution if you wish to customise is to add some custom fields to your customers. We have added a custom field for end users on Quotations as often we deal with a integrator company but are aware of the end user. It’s useful to have both listed for reference