CRM-Opportunity: Title not changing when changing customer

Hi there,

I just started using ERPNext and love it.

However, I just found something that kinda bugs me.
On the CRM Opportunity pages it shows the title for an opportunity, which appears to default to the customer name.
Then I changed the customer.
But the title stays the same old customer name.
The Opportunity itself is updated though.

Please also see attached screenshot.

Thanks for pointing that out. You can manually also change the title by clicking on it.


Thanks for reporting this. Title is generated when document is saved first. To have Title updated on every same, please add fields names in the Option field of Title field.

For this document, please correct Title manually.

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Thanks for the response.

I looked everwhere for the title field in the Opportunity form. Didn’t think about actually clicking on it. :-/