CRM Process Workflow in ERPNext?

Hello, I’m working on the CRM module and I’ve noticed that Opportunities from the customer are not included in the Sales Funnel chart.

I already have 143 Opportunities as you see below but only one is included in the chart as it’s linked to one Lead and only 3 quotations as they linked to other opportunities out of 143.


For my company, we don’t use Lead mostly as it’s a potential customer and most of our opportunities are from existing customers

This makes me wonder about the Process Workflow of CRM in ERPNext. Should it be the same as the photo below?
Lead > Opportunity > Quotation > Sales Order > Sales Invoice.

From what I understand from the documentation the Lead is a potential customer and Opportunity is a qualified Lead.
I’m still confused about these two aspects. If I have an existing customer in the system, should I skip the lead?

Another question, can I create a custom funnel chart from a script report?

any suggistion?

I believe this is a bug in the ERPNext. The sales funnel should contain the opportunities from the lead/customer.

Setting up CRM workflows in ERPNext can be a game-changer for your business. I remember when I was exploring similar features, I found that having a clear process flow was key. Whether you’re managing leads, contacts, or deals, defining each step and integrating with tools like sugar crm can really streamline your operations.