CRM - show customer's purchase history

I have a request to help someone to streamline their operations through utilizing Software and their main goal (or primary itch) is CRM. When they say CRM it mainly means to provide a sales person with the Purchase/Order history of existing customers in order to adress them with offering products they have not purchased yet.

while discussing needs a little further it turned out that they are also looking to move accounting from Excel Sheets into some sort of system, so I proposed to go for an ERP Solution (with ERPNext in mind).

The main source of new business is to sell more products to existing customers. The ‘product’ is a certain kind of travel experience.

Practically the goal is to have a customers history (tours taken previously, satisfaction level, personal notes [likes or dislikes], etc …) available for the Sales person in a very easy to digest way.

If you see each tour that can be booked as an item you can easily put together all past Sales Orders for each customer and see what someone has done and what could be proposed to him/her at any later point in time

now… what would be a smooth way to make the additional info’s (satisfaction level, personal notes [likes or dislikes], etc …) visible to the Sales person and get’s an immediate idea what to mention or how to approach that customer for a new purchase?

Perhaps adding custom fields in the Item Doctype for Item specific records can be done. Otherwise creating a new doctype with the required fields and linking it to the Sales person should solve the purpose.
Hope this helps.

thanks for the pointers. I have gotten the advice to use the Report Builder and making a report for ‘Sales Orders’ seems to be a pretty simple and workable way to do this.

Let’s say it’ll turn out at some point that this is not sufficient (can’t think of a why for that right now yet though) It’ll be worth to look into those to ideas (which seem to require more hacking capabilities) you have proposed here