CRM - using and saving email conversations?

I have been using ERPNext for 5-6 months now.

Having survived the start up phase, we want to get more out of it besides just invoicing and inventory.

According to what I read, I am able to use email and keep copies of them for later use.

How does one do this? I have not seen the email fucntion in ERPNext yet.


You need to setup an Email Account

You can also view this video to understand how Email Integration works and its capabilities

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Thanks for the reply. I was able to set up my first email account.

But, it quickly menitonoed(and I for forgt exacty what is said):
user ID and role ID must be added/entered.

Not sure where this.

As well, where do we see the email inbox, sentmail, etc…?


  1. It is asking you to set User ID and in the Employee Master since the user has Employee Role
  2. To see your Inbox navigate to Communication


I found my “communications List”. But, I had to search for it. Where is it amongst the various menus?

I did find the inbox, great.

AS for the User ID, I did nto assign it, since I was nto sure what it was. How can I assign this now?

But, I noticed right away that in my regular email client(Thunderbird), I erased an email. But, it still shows up in the ERPNext email. How can we refresh the email message list?

Is it possible to make a contact/supplier from an email?

Thanks you very much for your assistance!


Under ERPNext User section in Employee Master

Not sure if this is possible.

ERPNext will by default make a Contact for new Email addresses. Check the Timeline Links section on the Email (synced to ERPNext). Navigate to the contact by clicking on Link Name

Then add the Supplier Reference in Reference table of Contact