[CRM] Why does the Lead DocType capture "Gender" of a person?

Perhaps, best to remove it until we have a definite understanding of why it exists in the first place. Does anybody have any views?

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I don’t have good answer, I suspect it has been there for a long time. That said, the salesperson’s job is improved by whatever context can be added. “When I call this person back, should I expect a man or woman’s voice?” Similarly, I find value in some kind of professional title field.

I would say that the 2 times out of 100 that it makes a difference makes it worth having there.


I am sure that if you develop a way to set the field as either viewable or not with a check box somewhere in the setup area, then submit that as a PR, it would certainly be considered for implementation. You would also have to state a meaningful use case to justify the change, but I have found the dev team to be relatively open to suggestions when the use cases made sense during my investment in the POS module.

That is exactly how the check box for “Allow Print before Payment” was built into the core last year.


I would just use the Customize feature to hide that field; just takes a few seconds.

Generally, I agree we probably shouldn’t have this. But Tyler is correct, some customers will certainly want such a thing.

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