Cron enqueued after bench migrate

Whenever I do a bench migrate, the crons defined in hooks get enqueued regardless of the time of cron. Has anyone else encountered this ?

Yes I am also facing the same issue.
Did you get any solution yet?

I think this is a standard behaviour if the job is new. It performs a first time run once it is added to the job list.

Okay… Since CRON is behaving like this, Is there any alternative to schedule an event Daily at specific time?

@Darshana_Topiya , find a thread here Schedule jobs at particular date and/or time - #19 by avc


Thank you for the suggestion.

I am using CRON same like below only but the problem is when I do bench migrate then this event is also getting executed if the job is new, which is not suitable in my case.

"0 11 * * *": [

Is there any way to prevent this?