Cron Job not Working

I have been trying to run a cron job which runs every 15 minutes but it keeps running every minute

scheduler_events = {
    "cron": {
        "*/15 * * * *": [

Try to execute it in the terminal first to check if the path and function is ok using:
bench execute footwear_erpnext.tasks.cron.testing_cron_job

if everything is ok then use these commands to enable the scheduler:

bench enable-scheduler
bench scheduler enable
bench scheduler resume
bench trigger-scheduler-event all
sudo supervisorctl restart all

Also worth a try:

bench --site migrate;
bench --site clear-cache

They tend to clean up things that have got themselves tied up in knots.

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Making many changes?
Running a bash based Linux distribution?

You might enjoy to put this in your file ~/.bash_aliases

alias flush="bench --site migrate; bench --site clear-cache"

Then, whenever you suspect divergence between filesystem and database definitions, just type flush.

Please don’t suggest migration for cron issue, I’ve also followed a same answer like you for the scheduler issue but it ended up removing all my customization (I was new to frappe back then)