CSS missing after upgrading

I have created a new VServer and installed Erpnext … upgraded all my DBs to the current version but i have some errors like CSS files missing and i have compared with my old server to see what files are missing…

Are those files no longer required? Or just did not get installed during the upgrade?


Might this problem being the reason for those message i receive

jquery.min.js:4 GET https://imperivm.angolaerp.co.ao/?items=["assets%2Ffrappe%2Fcss%2Fdaterangepicker.css"%2C"assets%2Ffrappe%2Fjs%2Flib%2Fdaterangepicker.js"]&cmd=frappe.client.get_js&_=1495862158377 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)

To add

Request URL:https://imperivm.angolaerp.co.ao/?items=["assets%2Ffrappe%2Fcss%2Fdaterangepicker.css"%2C"assets%2Ffrappe%2Fjs%2Flib%2Fdaterangepicker.js"]&cmd=frappe.client.get_js&_=1495862360836
Request Method:GET
Remote Address:
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade

I can see that this error was mentioned on this Error After Bench Update: No such file or directory: u’./assets/frappe/css/daterangepicker.css’ · Issue #7325 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and in another one for V8 but i have done update, upgrade and patch and the files missing daterangepicker.css and daterangepicker.js are not installed on the Server.

So where can i get those files?

tag-it.css and gantt.css are required

daterangepicker.css was removed

If it was removed why does it refers on the code and not removed orc changed by another?
While the other two files I had to add the manually, so a patch is required correct?

It is removed from the code as well, please update your frappe app to the latest develop

My two Prod. servers are with versions
erpnext 8.0.40
frappe 8.0.60

and they still showing the same error… what other command can i use to update the source and correct the files no longer required?

Hi All,

I have similar issue too. After installation my site didn`t have any css and js files under this route /frappe/frappe-bench/sites/assets/js.

my version, erpnext 8.0.27 frappe 8.0.64