CSS Script for Quotation, Purchase Order, Invoice & Delivery

I want to make the Quotation , PO , Invoice & Delivery in best formats , Does any one has CSS formats which i can paste in html format to generate good documents

or even if some one can customize based on chargeable services that will also be ok

@Hiten Do you want to post on https://community.erpnext.com/jobs

yes if any one is willing to take assignment for formatting / writing CSS code

@Hiten Did you post this job? https://community.erpnext.com/jobs/create-check-printing-template-for-my-company
I have solution for US Check Printing.

Also if you want to customize standard print formats and appy your css, you can find print format html code here

Thanks but I really need good formats . Do you know if any body designs this then I can give assignment for the same

  1. Quotation
  2. Invoice
  3. Purchase order

Is it an app?