CSV file of translation

  1. In the csv file of the translation (the erpnext-id.csv and frappe-id.csv), there are 3 columns:
  • DocType (or path to a py or js file)
  • Original language (en)
  • Translated language (id)

But some lines don’t have any text in the DocType column. I read that the 1st column is only for info.
Is there any issue if I fill in the blanks in these 1st column?
Is there any issue if I change the order of the lines?

  1. The number of lines in the files are:
  • erpnext-id.csv = 5105
  • frappe-id.csv = 3123
    Which doesn’t add up to the numbers of lines (messages) on the web (attached image)

How to get the full list of english? (interestingly, the en file only has 1 lines)

Thank you
note: I use the csv for self host installation.

Why you don’t use translate.erpnext.com so you contribute to others users?
We also have a self hosted implementation and mantain updated the Spanish language in translate.erpnext.com.

I know that you have to wait for the translations be updated but it’s the best way to manage it.

I did but then there are three reason I do in csv:

  • it is difficult to see context in the portal because the 1st column is not shown (at least).
  • it is difficult to see which I have translated and which have not (the same as from other translator).
  • sometimes for client we can’t wait for the update. At least in the early install it has to have majority translated.

So I want to translate in csv, then copy paste it to the portal.
This way at least I have the control of what I translate.
And still have my contribution :slight_smile:

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Hi @rahy have you got the answer? I am looking for same solution.


Still using the csv application offline.
Still easier to do translation as I’m not a programmer who can customize the translation portal.

I know I am late, but you can find translations in apps/erpnext/erpnext/translations/.