CSV Upload but how to upload other doctypes and link them

Hey guys,

What would be the best and easiest way to upload a CSV file that would allow me to add links to the files

What I mean is:

I have a CSV of Contacts, This file containes addresses and emails and phone and other data.

ERPnext has things like address as a seperate doctype which is useful but makes it impossible to upload bulk information.

I dont understand how I would upload contacts without an address, then upload addresses without a contact and then link them.

Other then building a CSV with child tables in which is fine i can do.

But then can someone help me with which doctype is seen as the master doctype, IE the doctype that all others link from

Thank you

Hi @cmdeep,

→ Prepare a CSV file with contact and address data.
→ Determine the master DocType (e.g., Contact) which will serve as the primary reference.
→ Upload the CSV file and import the Contacts.
→ Import the Addresses separately
→ Use the “Link Child Table” functionality to establish links between Contacts and Addresses using a unique identifier (e.g., Contact ID or name).

Following these steps will allow you to upload a CSV file, import the data, and link the relevant DocTypes (Contacts and Addresses) together.

Thank You!

@NCP thank you so much for answering my questions, could you explain the link child table functionality to me, where would i find it and how would i use it, i have searched how but still dont understand. thank you

The “Link Child Table” functionality is not available directly in the Data Import tool. Instead, you can use the “Link” field in the child table to establish the link between DocTypes after importing the data.

Again sorry to bug you,

From what i understand is that i should create a new field in my address doctype that points the the contact such as ‘NAME’. if i then upload the address they should link to the contacts.

Also it makes sense to upload the addresses first and then the contacts, or does it not matter.

To clarify,

  1. Prepare separate CSV files for CONTACT and ADDRESS
  2. Create a link in Contacts such as ADDRESS NAME
  3. Add the CONTACT ‘ADDRESS NAME’ data in the link field
  4. Upload both documents and link shall be created

thanks @NCP