Ctrl + G does not work in Russian

Good day!

Search bar seems to be one of the most important navigation means in ERPNext. While in English I can press Ctrl + G to focus on it, but if I switch to (in my case) Russian, I can no longer do it. I think I have seen this problem solved in some other project, so it should be possible to make this shortcut cross-lingual.

Not sure this forum is for such requests. If not, please lead me to where it belongs.

Hi Ivan,

What version of ERP Next and browser do you use when this problem is reproduced on your end?

On my end, Ctrl+G works just fine in IE 11 under several language locales (namely, English, Ukrainian, and Russian). No issues observed.

Under Chrome 56.0, however, it is a little different. Ctrl+G works as expected in English, and it works differently when either Ukrainian or Russian is selected. Pressing Ctrl+G under Ukrainian or Russian locale leads to displaying Chrome’s own search box (rather then leads to focusing on ERP Next Desktop’s search box).

My server with ERP Next runs the configuration below

  • ERPNext: v7.2.8
  • Frappe Framework: v7.2.8

Please clarify your environment and STR. If you confirm the bug with more detailed verification on your end, please open a new issue in GitHub for it.

Thank you.

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I did try it on IE 11, latest Chrome and latest Firefox on Windows 10. 1st two work as you described. On Firefox there is simply no response.

I have seen some tags being attached to this post. Should I still create an issue in GitHub or is already being dealt with?

@Ivan ,thanks.

Please create a new bug for the behavior you observe in Chrome.

Done. See this issue.

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