Cur_frm.dashboard.add_transactions doesn't work properly

When I try to add transaction to the dashboard of customer doctype with:

			'label': 'My Label',
			'items': [
				'My Doctype 1',
				'My Doctype 2',
				'My Doctype 3'

the new dashboard items will be present in cur_frm.dashboard.dashboard_data, the counting and everything else looks like pretty correct, but the items doesn’t show up on the dashboard!

Is this a known bug?

thx in advance for your replies!

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anyone have an idea?

I think the issue because the field name not equal the doctype name,
like my issue.
Itried to add this code

‘fieldname’: ‘agent’,
‘items’: [
‘label’: ‘Item’,

but it does not work, then it has been solved by changing the field name to be the same of doctype name.

Please tell me exactly where to add this code?
Which file?

Where you ever able to find a solution to this? I’m facing the same issue.