Currency error on invoice posting

Hi Dear ErpNext users
I’m facing some trouble to post invoices and sales orders .
impossible to confirm the invoice and sales order due to this annoying ERROR message : ''accounting entry for customer xxxxxx can only be made in currency : USD ‘’
Obviously , my accounting booking currency is XOF , and all the customers have XOF as currency .
I need your assistance .
thanks lot .

Please check the set value of Billing Currency in your customer master:

I assume it has USD set.

Thanks for your help . but in the customer master , the billing currency set value is XOF , same as for the company default currency . But this error remain …

Have you created any transaction for this customer in the past with USD currency?

it’s a new customer , i never used USD for any transaction

Have you created a debtors account for USD currency and tagged it in the customer master?