Currency Exchange test getting away without checking the required fields' presence

the ErpNext Setup DocType Currency Exchange’s test is missing the required fields for_selling and for_buying.
Since the test is done on dummy data and not reflecting the business rules, it is getting away with it. One side effect is that none can define a selling and buying exchange rate on the same date for the same order of currencies.
There are my GitHub entries on that but we need to be more careful to provide a better international solution.
The same applies still to the InWords application which only works for EN on a vanilla system.

What test do you refer to - for example this one is a stub

Yes to document defects you find on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub will focus attention to fix them

To give links to issues can help in that regard too thanks!
This is what I mean. The pull requests pass freely as the dummy data does not check all the required fields: for_selling or for_buying.
This is also linked to the problem:

These were combined into a single pull request as they did not compile when applied separately.
That was quite obvious:

This will solve the problems I suppose towards a more global business oriented Currency Exchange structure with proper testing.
The only one missing is to allow for different sources for the same currency exchange on the same day with same function. Etc.Central Bank values vs.Bank