Currency formatting in standard reply template

I need an answer to a basic question, I have been on it for almost 3 hours.

Am setting up a standard reply email template and I have the following

Dear {{ customer }}

Find attached your invoice no {{ name }} for {{ grand_total }}

The balance on this invoice is {{ outstanding_amount }} as we have so far received {{ paid_amount }}

Unfortunately the number figures do not come out formated in currency. They come out as 123456 instead of $1,23456.00.

What can I do? The invoice itself is ok it’s just the email standard reply that has this problem.

Thank you

Can you check {{ frappe.format(grand_total) }} ?

Thanks @kolate_sambhaji

Still the same, it did not format it.

Really hopping for a solution to this


I have a one trick.
Try this, this worked for me.
Grand Total : {{ frappe.db.get_value("Currency", currency, "symbol") }} {{frappe.format_value(grand_total, {"fieldtype":"Currency"}) }}

Standard Reply uses jinjha template, so you can use jinjha tempting for it.


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Thanks @kolate_sambhaji

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