Currency Symbol Format Bug in Accounting Statement? multi-currency problem?

On 11.1.47 of ERP Next.

Profit and Loss Statement - Quarterly. All columns for Quarters in USD (as specified). Last column - Total for the year - shows the correct sum of the quarters - but the currency symbol used is of local currency. In local currency that numeric value would be erroneous.

Seems typographic / formatting error - where the symbol needs to be same for total column. Please verify - if also seen by other users…

Please a screenshot would help confirm and illustrate your observation


Attached image of a section of the P&L shows the USD for the quarterly columns and the company local currency for the total column… the number in the total column are the sum of the quarters - as should be. Symbol in total column should also be USD as specified during the report generation criteria…

Thanks for reporting this!

Do you find this multi currency problem in P&L monthly or any other reports?

The question is, whether this is a config setting you must be set or a bug? These suggest a config setting:

Whereas this fix is in a list view:

Just did some additional checking. This bug shows up for any financial statement - P&L and Balance Sheet - where the time period is not Yearly (any period like monthly, quarterly, etc…). When you deselect “accumulated values” it shows the financials for those periods followed by a total column at the end of the report. The currency symbol for the total column is always messed up - it shows the local default symbol of the company while the numerical value is correct (in USD).

Is there a config setting for currency selection other than the box up top during report generation? Also it would be erroneous to display a value in USD but with the symbol of local currency. Under no circumstance should the system permit that…

Forgive me, now we need to ask an expert - there are scores of multi-currency practitioners here who likely recognize and can better advise you.

A keen forum search and on github for say ‘multi-currency’ will help identify the nature of this issue you face.

Here’s one example What happened to the good old reports?

Whatever pointers you can link to would benefit the community thanks!

Does this mean this issue has identified before? I read through some of the thread you posted and it seems other users are saying that totals are not right… I found the numerical totals are correct - but just the currency symbol in the report is not changed for the total column. This to me is a simple format error in the report generation…

Hope other users can confirm the same… let me know if more is needed of me. Happy to assist in any way. Not very tech savvy. :frowning:

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Probably this thread is step there How to show currency Symbol inside the field

I do not recall changing the currency or type for any specific field - globally. I will recheck. This behavior is specific to my installation? Or is this a formatting error in system generated reports for all multi-currency users?

How do we get others to check if they are seeing the same issue? I noticed in another post you asked a user to open an issue report on github. Do I need to do that? Thanks.

Good questions, I am not exactly familiar or certain without digging into this.

“How do we get others to check if they are seeing the same issue?”

To inform, seek help, make requests and so on - this public exchange forum is the place. The next step is to report the issue you have identified here:

A search of those lists on for eg ‘currency’ and ‘symbol’ did not hit on much other than for eg Item Wise sales History report shows wrong currency symbol · Issue #17701 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

So yes for you to record this to the erpnext issue list would be good - please add links to this thread and likewise post here a link to that issue for reference

Thanks very much for contributing!