Currency symbol in pure Frappe setup with custom app

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I am again tinkering around with frappe 14-develop (no erpnext installed).

In my test app I use a currency field. However, the currency symbol is not displayed correctly. I have the country set to Germany in my setup, but the symbol that is shown is the following:


It should be the EUR symbol.

I also found this here: Currency symbols not shown in form · Issue #16279 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Is it true, that the currency symbol is non-functional without ERPnext installed?

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@doca I believe it id true. Frappe doesn’t have a Currency doctype, but ERPNext does. So checking the currency for the field will not do anything since ERPNext is not installed.

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that is not completely true.

Frappe does have the Currency doctypy and a Currency field.

The problem is, that Frappe alone seems to miss some features that allow using the Currency field…

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@doca After checking the Frappe source, I found out that Frappe do have Currency doctype. So is the problem with the currency field or displaying the currency value?

The currency symbol is displayed correctly in the form and print views on Frappe v14.0.2
However, in the report view, it is not being displayed correctly.

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my fault: I hard-coded “EUR” in the options of the currency field.
However, it only works with the name of another field that is a link to the currency DocType in the options.

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Hello friend

I having the same issue, I have write the currency CODE in the options of the field
But how exactly did you do?

The name of the other fields holds a default value?

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You can add a default session value with currency you want, like ERPNext do with Company

My solution only shows the currency symbol in the list fiew:

I have a field called “currency” that is a of type “link” to the “Currency” DocType.
In the field that holds the value of type “currency” I set the name of the link field “currency” in the options.

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