Currency Symbol Issue in PDF

Currency symbol of AFN (؋) is not show when i generate pdf or send a pdf document via email, any advice?

Note: this problem is only when generate pdf otherwise system show the symbol correct.



Plese check if currency symbol is installed in your font folder of your PC. If not, you can download your currencies font and install. After that, you should be able to view it correctly in the print format as well.

Thank you Umair,
Sure it’s installed in my PC, i can view it correctly but when i send via email or download as pdf file it’s not showing the symbol.

Any new advice?

Any update???


Is your ERPNext account hosted with us? If yes, then please post this issue on

Hello Umair,

No it’s not hosted with you it’s in my local machine

Please share screenshot of preview of transaction, where currency symbols are appearing correctly.

Which browser are you working on?

Also provide details of font installed, if possible.

Here is screenshots, first one is print preview which show the currency symbol correct,

the second one is pdf print which not show the symbol.

I’m using Google Chrome but i have tested in Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well.

I’m not sure how to see the font details


@netchampfaris can you please help?

You need the fonts installed in your server too. This depends on which server you have. (please Google this)

I have installed Persian & Arabic fonts on server too, but still the currency symbol not appearing correctly in PDF.

Any advice?

ERPNext uses wkhtmltopdf library to generate PDF - which basically renders it in a browser. If the fonts are correctly installed, hard to say why they don’t show up.

Do you want to try debugging wkhtmltopdf locally on your server to see what might be the issue?

How to debug wkhtmltopdf locally in my server?

This is the downside of hosting yourself. You’ll either have to google search and figure it out, or find a freelancer to do it for you.

If you’re unable to work through things like this, you may want to consider a hosted plan. ERPNext Pricing 2022

Also, based on past experience, make sure your fonts are executable, and make sure you have the .ttf, .woff, and .woff2 fonts in your directory to make things work.

Thank you felix, the Persian and Arabic fonts are installed but only the .ttf not .woff and .woff2 fonts only the .ttf fonts are installed and executable, should i have both type of fonts in or only .ttf is good?

if .ttf is working, then just that should be fine.

These are the fonts we install on our cloud: GitHub - frappe/fonts