Current and Projected Qty in Sales Order Packing List

We are using Product Bundles extensively. Sales Order when saved (before submitting) shows a Packing List with all Items needed for that order.

I think it would make a lot of sense to add three columns in this list showing for each item the actual quantity, projected quantity and projected quantity including that order.
The third column would show the projected quantity of items in picking list including this sales order. Currently there is no way of calculating projected quantity before submitting orders.

Our customers ask for a delivery date estimate before confirming their orders. This would allow us to know whether we need to wait for any material to be supplied.

I am new to ERPNext and python, so it would be great if you could guide me.

Hi @creador,
In Erpnext, At the time of Delivery Note (means in Save mode) Packing slip get made.
In sales order ,Current Quantity means -your actual Quantity available in warehouse.
Projected Quantity=Actual Qty + Planned Qty + Requested Qty + Ordered Qty - Reserved Qty

Go through the following link

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
The current screen is below. I want to add three more columns on this table showing the current qty, projected qty and estimated qty. Current Qty and Projected Qty is as you have explained.
Here the Estimated Qty = Projected Qty + Packing Qty (shown on the column Qty in the below picture)

Those Field you want to display on table view. Make that field as “In List View”
1.Go to Customize Form
2.Enter Form Type =Packed Item on that
4.Open row of “Actual Quantity”
5.check “In List View”
6.Sames For projected Quantity.
Then click on “Update” button.

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Great, thanks!

Now I just need to have one more column showing the total: qty + projected quantity

Also it seems I cannot add more than 5 columns. If there is more, it just does not show up. Is there a workaround for that?

-If Data length of column is big then might be it takes less column in List view.

  • if you don’t want to show ‘Item Description’ in list view,then uncheck that .
    and add your respective column in table view.