Current asset type missing

Hi there everyone… I am trying to add a current asset account in the charts of account in erp next… But when i do that. I cant find current asset in account types… So is there a way to add new type in acccount type?

It is recommended you add from one of the existing list of account types only. Setting Account Type helps in selecting this Account in transactions. To know about the same, refer the following link:

What if i would like to add acurrent asset acoount… What type it will be… Because there is fixed account type but there isnt current asset type

Current Assets is already a parent account created by default in the system in Chart of accounts. Could you elaborate the account you’re adding? Depending on the use case, the type of account can be set. For example, Debtors account, even though under current assets is a receivable account type.

I am trying to build a new chart of account using chart of account importer… So under the parent account (Asset) there will be fixed asset and current asset… The fixed asset account type will be fixed asset… But the current asset account type is missing so that is what i am askin about

I have the same question. Example: I want to create “Salary Advance” under Current assets. What account type do I choose ?