Current page(active) in request variable

In a template, how do I get what page I’m currently on? in Active Menu Items
this my code
{% set navigation_bar = [
(‘/’, ‘web’, ‘HOME’),
(‘/about/’,‘about’,‘ABOUT’)] -%}

                {% set active_page = active_page|default('web') -%}

                <ul id="navigation" class="ownmenu">
               {% for href, id, caption in navigation_bar %}
               <li {% if id == active_page %} class="active"{% endif
                %}><a href="{{ href|e }}">{{ caption|e }}</a></li>
               {% endfor %}

try pathname

I know it’s late, but to have it documented here, the solution is the following code:

{% if pathname == page.url %} active{% endif %}

Thank you @rmehta.