Currently no swap space?


I was reading a few articles in the forum about CPU usage and memory usage and swap-space.
I decided to look at what I have and found this:
It is
ERPNext: v12.24.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.21.0 (version-12)

Running on a VPS : 2 CPU , 4G RAM , 80G SSD

My inventory only has ± 300 different items and only one user currently.

My TOP output:

I installed ERPNext by hand and the procedure did not make me create a swap-space.

According to the TOP output it seems I will not really benefit from creating a SWAP-file.
I did , however find a procedure in one of the threads…

I am hoping someone can confirm that my observation is indeed correct ?

swap space, is not defined by ErpNext, but should defined during Linux installation.

it is always a good practice to create a swap partition even you believe you have enough physical memory using.

Thank you for your time @Lawes_Chan.

I am communicating with Digital OCean as we speak, so that I can indeed enable a swap-file.
Their documentation seem to suggest not to use swap because of the possible long-term degradation of the SSD HD’s that they are using on their servers.

Best to you @Lawes_Chan

no matter what, SSD will eventually degraded due to SSD nature.

I have face picture loading in other application using php-fpm because I have disable swap accidently, even I have 8Gb ram in setting.

suggest enable swap, prevent potential issues.