Currently which is the stable version of erpnext and frappe for production?

Hii everyone !
I want to update erpnext and frappe to the latest stable version but i have no idea which is the stable version currently so, if anyone knows please let me know.

Current versions :
ERPNext : v13.0.0.
Frappe : v13.0.0.

Any kind of help will be very appreciated.
Thanks so much in advance.

For 13 branch, 13.10 is a better approach. I still use v12 by the way.

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You can always check the following for latest releases on any version:


Latest ERPNext v13:

Frappe v13:

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But i want know to whether this are stable version for production or not ?

Yes, these are production versions.

Develop is the bleeding edge. The next major version will have a separate beta branch prior to full launch whenever that would be.

Beta is tagged as follows:

Thanks for the information :smiley: