Custom App and Custom reports

Hello community,

I’m still new with frappe customization. So it would be great if someone can help with clues&paths… Thanks

I want to custom some erpnext reports and put it under custom app. I have erpnext and this custom app (i.e. the name is myapp) are installed on same site (site1.local).

Here’s what i did:

  1. Setup bench for development with erpnext is installed GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps
  2. bench new-app myapp App folder was created under ~/frappe-bench/apps/myapp
  3. bench install-app myapp so both erpnext and myapp are installed on same site1.local
  4. bench start. I opened browser but myapp doesn’t appear on desk. Why?? But I can search it via search box. How to get it appeared on Desk UI?
  5. I created ‘new report’ (following Not Found), set it as Standard. Report typeis Script Report. I set Module as myapp. But there’s no report-files folder created under myapp folder.

What I missed in the steps above?


Did you set developer mode as 1.
Check Not Found

@neilLasrado yes before it’s “1” must be 1. Now the report files template are created…

@neilLasrado I have succeeded creating a new app with a custom report. I pushed the app to my own github repo then installed it on another bench. The app and the new custom report does appear and working automatically.

Later I created another custom report then pushed it again to repo. Then I did git pull on other bench … But now the new custom report doesn’t appear. But the report folder and files is created under custom app/module. So I think git pull did update the app.

I added under config folder to get it appeared under myapp. but when click on the report the message said “Report ABC not found”. I checked the report is not in the Report list. So I think this is the problem…How to get the new report automatically listed/registered on Report list after doing git pull?

Can you help with some clues?


If I install the app to new bench, then all is working perfectly. Seemed the git pull doesn’t automatically register the new report to site schema?

You need to do bench migrate to let your new schema take effect.

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